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SSAPB 2.1 Release

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Edit: http://www.bluehellp...showtopic=22705 (UPDATE RELEASED)

Game-Maps (GER)
Game-Maps (USA)
zunnie.net (USA)
mp-servers.com (USA)
Original Idea and Creation
Thanks a lot to WhiteDragon/Vloktboky for creating SSGM for Renegade in the first place else this
would not even have been possible...
Visit their website over at http://www.black-cell.net


PT's in Radar Domes fixed on RA_Complex.mix
SSAPB CrateSpawnTime increase to 120s (roughly, there maybe times a crate is available faster than this but overall it should be between 60 and 120s)
SSAPB crates are not available on the map AS_Seamist
Added option "LimitedCrates" to allow server owners to set wether or not there should be any crate granting limits on low or hightech maps and always have mixed allied and soviet vehicles granted
Vehicle crates are not available on maps where is no War Factory present
Vehicle Crates will not be available in the first 180s of a map
Vehicle Crates only give tanks from the team that the player that picked it up is from, so if you are Allied you get an allied tank, no soviet tanks
Vehicle Crates on low tech maps only give lowtech vehicles, hightech maps all vehicles are available
Vehicle Crates have on top of the low Crate percentage, and the maptechlevel another percentage for more powerful tanks(less likely to spawn) and less powerful tanks(more likely to spawn)
Character Crates work in a simular way, based on maps' techlevel are granted, high tier inf. less likely, low tier infantry more likely to be granted of either team regardless of your team
Weapon Crates are largely untouched, only a selection of weapons are available as a powerup anyway.. Stronger weapons are less likely to be granted than less ones.
Death Crate will now kill only the player that picks it up.
Nuke Crate will kill the player that picked it up and damage surrounding units in a radius of 50 meters (1% chance of getting this crate)
Spycrate works again, the char that picks it up is invisible for enemy defenses, unless you enter a vehicle or aircraft.
Extra Creds Crate is unchanged, when picked up it grants your whole team another 2$/sec, until you die or switch character
Powerdown crate disables the pickupguy's opposite team power turning off the coils, aa guns and samsites for 60 seconds
CrateArmor bug fixed where it could sometimes grant 1000hp and grants a max of +40ap
CrateHealth bug fixed where it could sometimes grant 1000hp and grants a max of +30hp
Points crate grants OR takes away 50 up to 75 of your points
Money crate grants 350, 525, 700, OR it takes 1 up to 700 of your credits
The powerups seen on the coop maps were made by R34ch and TheBeerinator
Many thanks to dtrngd and ChopBam for their help in gmax for making the new Coop maps

Current crate percentages:

New Maps Added:
Soviet Mission, take the Supply Truck to the Radar Dome to win.
If the Truck is destroyed 5 times the mission will fail.

zunnie's first co-op map for APB.
Use the Lighttank (spawns max 3x) at start to take out the Flametower guarding the passage to the Construction Yard.
Use Tanya to C4 the Construction Yard. Use a Mechanic to unlock the soviet Heavy Tank and V2 Launcher next to the Conyard.
Destroy the Tesla Coil and proceed with your forces to destroy the Barracks *internally* because it is repaired by engineers
external destruction is not possible.
Destroy all buildings and forces within 30 minutes to win, if after 30 minutes a Soviet Building remains you lose the game.

Your team is dropped off on the shores of Midnight Fever Island with Naval Transports.
Upon landing assemble a team of Tanya, Sniper, Medics, Officers and a Mechanic.
Head to the Weapons Factory where the Mechanic can unlock vehicles, take the vehicles back to the start position to take
out the Flametower guarding the passage.
Take out the Barracks internally to stop advanced infantry reinforcements. Put a spy into the soviet power plant to disable the coil
temporarily so that Tanya can C4 it.
Use the Heavy Tanks to take out the Flametower guarding the Contruction Yard, take a Tanya downstairs in the Conyard to steal the
documents from the Computer by pressing E on it.
Do not destroy the Weapons Factory, Heavy Tanks will stop spawning
Do not destroy he Construction Yard, your mission will fail
Do not destroy the Chinook at the helipad, your mission will fail.

The allied base is under siege of soviet forces when the map starts and is under heavy attack.
Defend your Contruction Yard and Weapons Factory immediately because when they are destroyed your mission will fail.
Save your base, build your barracks and refinery. Protect the Ore Truck as its route to the orefield is heavily defended.
Assemble your forces and take out the Conyard + Power on the island with Longbows (6 max).
Group up and invade the soviet base and annihilate any soviet forces and buildings.
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Nice, if you incorparate these changes in the server, we might get crates back. Also, is there a function for changing the crates values per map? (I.E I remake DM_Isles and want to change crates to give armor, health, weapons, or death only)

Edited by Generalcamo, 24 August 2010 - 05:28 PM.

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Nice, if you incorparate these changes in the server, we might get crates back. Also, is there a function for changing the crates values per map? (I.E I remake DM_Isles and want to change crates to give armor, health, weapons, or death only)

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