Playing Poker - What to Know Before Joining a Casino Poker Table

The Seven Things You Never Do A Casino Poker Table and So Much More

Joining a poker table is not as easy as you might think. There are specific dos and don’ts that you need to abide by. Below we will take a look at eight of those rules you should pay attention to(because some of them are geared towards social protocols and behavior in a public place, even if online).

1) There is nothing more obnoxious and gross than seeing someone eating while playing poker. Save this for your break. Most poker players act professionally, even if online. We know you want to have that cheeseburger and fries, but eating while playing poker is not attractive. You will get the cards messy. You will also get soured looks from the other players. We know that this might sound a little too simple and weird, but you do need to pay attention to social niceties. We like to call it, having good manners.

2) Please try to avoid the autopilot mentality. Sometimes this happens when you are consistently trying to pay attention to making the right choices. Yes, you do need to make consistent and constant good choices, but you also need to refrain from acting like a “robot”. Some of the other players might find that a bit alarming because of the next tip.

3) You cannot be anti-social. There is a common misconception that online players are there to watch and listen to the game while clicking buttons(nothing more). The same can also be said for those playing at a live casino Poker table. On the one hand, you do not want to be too talkative, to the point where you bother the other players. On the other hand, you do not want to appear turned off to the idea of talking altogether. The bottom line is, you are not there to make friends. However, you do not want to be standoffish. You will have the other players saying “hi” and asking how you are. Please do not snub them. That could cause some other tensions while playing. Those of you who are not social people need to stick to the online version or not play at all. You will have people talking and not in a good way.

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4) This next tip concerns your interaction with the dealers(whether online or at a land-based poker table). You never become rude to the dealers. Those of you who play Poker tables enough, you are going to run into some of the same dealers(most likely). The last thing you want is to run into a dealer that you left a bad impression on. You do not want to go around “burning the bridges”. That can lead to some pretty nasty results. Some dealers might refuse to deal with you if you do that(which they have every right to do).

5) Please try not to play beyond what you can afford. Sometimes players get caught up in the “heat of the moment”. The overall goal is to play only what you can afford. Some players drink a little too much and think they can just “do it”. We have all been there in our own ways before. The bottom line is to try to not play beyond your means. Sometimes mistakes happen. Now, what you can do is take some chances, when the opportunity presents itself. This is especially true when there is a larger bankroll and you have a better edge. That is short-term thinking though. It is not best to use that strategy for long-term goals.

6) Some players like to get cocky once they have won a few hands. Now, this might work for you in the beginning. However, you need to check your ego and cockiness at the door in the general sense. Do you like it when other players get cocky? No, you do not. We have heard some of the names and terms you have come up with for some of those people. The last thing you want is to become a hypocrite. You need a certain level of humility. Besides, those who fail to check their ego at the door do not last long(generally). You could come around to eat your own words and behavior later. Karma will get you. Play well and behave accordingly.

7) What about bluffing? It all depends on you and the situation. Some players are very good at bluffing. They can do it multiple times in a row and get away with it. That is reserved for the very skilled casino Poker table player. That means if you have no clue how to bluff, then you should leave it for the more experienced poker player. You will end up looking foolish and lose. Learn how to bluff first if you want to attempt it. Bluffing is not about luck. Bluffing requires great skill if you want to have success. You really have to know what you are doing.

One Final Tip Always, and we mean always, call out what you are going to do. Keeping some of the mystery is important with Poker, but not telling the others what you plan on doing is idiotic. Say “call” if you are going to “call”. Make sure every action you do is what you want. There is no way to take something back once the ball starts rolling. There are no do-overs in Poker.