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We appreciate your interest in applying to our magazine! If you believe that you possess the kind of skills that we look for, we encourage you to apply now. Everything is easy as long as you understand the basic requirements that we ask of you.

At Blue Hell Productions, we value everyone’s hard work and we also respect people’s time and effort. We will never push our people to the point of breaking their spirits.

This is not the kind of culture that we promote at our magazine. The one key you have to remember to pass this assessment is to never forget to have fun all the way.

Writing Task

Choose a color and use it as your inspiration for your 400-word article. It can go in any direction that you desire as long as you commit yourself to explore the underlying idea of the color that you chose.

If you are not aware yet, we are an online magazine that is truly passionate about sharing relevant stories about the various colors of casino chips.

Some may see this as mundane, but we see this as life-changing. We also want you to feel the same way when you start writing your piece. We want to feel your passion. We want to hear your voice. Most importantly, we want to relate to your work.

This is not possible if you write something that you do not feel attached to.