Top Table Games at the Casino

Top Table Games at the Casino

Table games rank among the most preferred casino games in the entire casino industry. Both experienced and inexperienced novice players...

Beginner’s Guide to Blackjack

Beginner’s Guide to Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun game that can be played in an online casino or in a physical casino location. The...

What to Know Before Joining a Casino Poker Table

What to Know Before Joining a Casino Poker Table

The Seven Things You Never Do A Casino Poker Table and So Much MoreJoining a poker table is not as...

Popular Games the use Casino Chips

Popular Games the use Casino Chips

Most casino games use chips as a form of currency and are commonly known as tokens. The application of chips...

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Top Table Games at the Casino

top table games - Top Table Games at the Casino

Table games rank among the most preferred casino games in the entire casino industry. Both experienced and inexperienced novice players find these games quite enthusiastic mostly due to their action backed style. Unlike other games which get purely based on luck, table games combine strategy and experience gathered throughout your casino engagement. Casino table games involve mostly understanding and knowing your odds. Players get expected to maintain an active upper hand than their opponent. Players can access table games in two main channels, and this method includes virtual rooms and in a real casino.

Table games, whether a player decides to engage under an online platform or by virtual of visiting a real casino, the experience is the same. Consequently, the profits and winnings in the two versions of the game are also the same, and both newbies and experienced players have higher chances of bagging a win. Various table games come with different rules of engagements that govern the conduct of the players and dealers. Similarly, each table game comes with its set of bonuses and other features to attract potential gamblers. Some of the industry’s biggest casino table games include; Blackjack, Cards, Poker, Baccarat, among other games.

1. Baccarat

On the top list of most preferred table games, Baccarat ranks on top of the list for several reasons. Sometimes back there was a mystery surrounding Baccarat as a high stake table game and most gamblers revered the game. Such a misconception has got demystified with time. Professional gamblers have proofed that Baccarat is entirely relative to learn and understand even to a novice gambler without much experience in the industry.

To play and engage in Baccarat is relatively easy as the game involves a player while his opponent is known as a dealer. At an ideal situation, a player gets dealt a minimum of two cards and a maximum of five cards. The same rule involving issuing of cards applies to the dealer. For a player or a dealer to hit a win, nine is the secret number. For a player to be crowned a winner in Baccarat, their cards must equal or come close to the magic number nine.

If you happen to be a new gambler in the online industry, players get advised to begin their journey playing online. Such a platform provides an excellent opportunity for them to practice and learn the rules of engagement before trying their hands in the areal casino environment.

2. Blackjack

Blackjack is also another top table casino game with a huge following not just locally but globally. In terms of ODDS, Blackjack is one of the few table games in the casino industry with the best odds any player experienced and inexperienced can yearn for. What’s slightly different from other table games, Blackjack gets controlled by an edge that is approximately 0.5 per cent.

Unlike other games in the casino industry that get solely based on luck, Blackjack is different as players are required to combine the game rules and other strategies to strike huge winnings. Like Baccarat, Baccarat is also available in the online platform and a real casino environment. Players get allowed an opportunity to choose their betting amounts based on their comfortability room. The maximum and minimum betting amounts for this table game gets set to be respective casinos. Unlike roulette which is yet another popular table game, Blackjack allows gamblers an opportunity to reduce their risk or odd via a strategy known as playing hands. Professional gamblers and experts in the gambling industry usually advise new entrants into the industry to begin their online Blackjack journey. Such a strategy allows novice players to improve their craft and understand the rules of engagement around such games. If a newbie tries his hand directly in the real casino by any chance, they might get intimidated by experienced players in the industry. There are various variations of Blackjack you can try your hand at and select which suits you best.

casinoitems - Top Table Games at the Casino

3. Roulette

One of the fantastic and unique phenomena around roulette is that there is always a party and celebrations around this casino table games. The table game incorporates some various components making it attractive and full of activity. Most of the roulette table activities include a spinning wheel, cheering crowd and chips getting thrown on the table.

If you happen to survey experienced and novice gamblers, one thing that will come out is that this game is relatively easy to learn and engage in at all levels. To understand fully how roulette table game revolves, it essential first to learn the basics of the game. The vital components of roulette include a wheel with a numbered board.

The rules of engagement in roulette are quite simple and easy to follow. First, the two main actors in this game include a player om one side and a dealer on the other side. The dealer in this game is the one who rolls the ball which spins on the table wheel. Based on the odds players had selected, they are either crowned winners or losers depending on where the ball lands. There are various options and odds present on the roulette wheel; these options include colour black, green or red. There is also another option where players can bet on numbers, either even numbers or odd numbers.

Consequently, players can as well bet on number combination based on the rules of that particular game. To any new players looking forward to an incredible experience in the casino industry, roulette is not the perfect place to kick start your career. One of the profound reasons behind this ideology is that roulette can be intimidating, especially with all the excitements and cheering around the table. New players get advised to first try their hand on an online version of the roulette, to sharpen their skills and master courage to face experienced players in a real casino setup.

4. Poker

Poker table game is yet another popular casino game with a massive backup of players globally. The game is not only exciting but fun to engage in and enjoy. Despite poker table game having some of the lowest odds, the game comes with other features and bonuses that fill the gap. Poker game is an action-filled casino game and for a player to get crowned the winner has to beat the dealer in the game. Unlike other table games where the winning player has to beat other players to get declared a winner, poker table game is quite different.

The poker game players get dealt only three cards, which slightly complicates the chances of getting the odds in your favour. But this is what makes this table game fun and exciting to engage in. For any new player without much experience in the gambling industry, poker is your landing spot as it was relatively easy to learn and adopt. Poker is slightly different from other casino games that place their winnings purely on luck. Poker involves some bit of probability for one to strike a win. It should not intimidate you as the possibilities involved in this table game are quite simple and straightforward to comprehend and understand from any level of expertise and experience.

Beginner’s Guide to Blackjack

blackjack beginners - Beginner's Guide to Blackjack

Blackjack is a fun game that can be played in an online casino or in a physical casino location. The goal seems simple as you are trying to be closer to 21 than the dealer, but there are many strategies involved. Continue reading below to learn what you need to know about this game.

How to Play Blackjack

As mentioned, Blackjack is played with the goal of having your cards closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards. It is imperative that you do not go over 21, however, as this will be considered a bust. The dealer can also bust, however, and you will win if he or she does go over 21. When adding the card’s values together, you will count the numbers as they are. An Ace card can be used as a one or as an 11 and all face cards are equal to 10 points. If you have an Ace and a face card in your hand at the same time, you have a “natural” 21 and automatically win cash. You will be dealt two cards to start the game, and the dealer will also have two cards. Your cards will both be face up, and the dealer will only have one face-up card. You can choose to continue collecting cards until you feel that you are as close as you can get to 21.

Blackjack Terminology

It is important to understand basic terminology regarding Blackjack. These are all used when playing the game.


A hit means that you are choosing to collect another card. You can indicate a “hit” by tapping your hand.


A stand means that you are finished collecting cards. You can wave your hand “no” in order to indicate that you would like to stand.


A soft typically means that you have an ace and a six in your hand. A dealer typically has to continue collecting cards until they have reached 17.


A split is only allowable when you have two of the same card. You can put those two cards in two separate hands if you deem fit.

Double Down

Sometimes you have the opportunity to double your bet to score more. You can only receive one more card when you choose this betting method though.

featured image 3 Casino Chips Colors That Contain Important Meaning When Used in Casino Games - Beginner's Guide to Blackjack

What Happens in a Tie?

Though it occurs rarely, sometimes ties do happen where you and the dealer will reach the same number in Blackjack. For most casinos, this will be considered something that is known as a push. A push means that you will win back just the cash that you put down if you tie with the dealer, but you will not lose any cash and will not win any additional cash. Some casinos do have negative consequences to the player in the case of a tie, but this is something that you should check with the casino about. Try to avoid those casinos if you are able to as this is not fair to you.

Winning Chances for Blackjack

If you are in the house seat, you have the highest chances of winning at Blackjack. This is because you will be the last player to show your cards, meaning that every other player has the opportunity to bust or reach a very small sum before you. You have the chance of winning when you are in this seat of around 8%. It is imperative to understand the statistics regarding Blackjack, however, in order to increase your chances of winning as this 8% chance does include beginners as well. It is not true for you to assume that the dealer will always have a face card in their hand, as there are 12 face cards in an entire Blackjack deck. This equates to about 70% of the deck not being a face card or being an ace.

How Much to Wager

You can bet virtually as little or as much as you want to when enjoying a round of Blackjack. It is important to understand the wager limit at the table you arrive at, and you should always make sure that the starting bet fits within your financial means. You can make significant money at a Blackjack table though as the dealers are very fast and in as little as 30 minutes, you can play upwards of 50 rounds. Some tables allow you to put in as little as $5 to allow you to win hundreds of dollars if you are the closest to 21. There are even $1 tables though if you are not looking to play Blackjack strategically or competitively where you can win as much as $50. It really is dependent upon your personal budget and your needs.

Tips for Playing Blackjack Successfully

After reading through this guide, you may think that Blackjack is an overly simple game that does not take much skill. It is a great game for beginners, but there are more skills needed to be truly successful. Consider using the tips below to improve your skills.

1. Avoid Insurance

The first tip you should take is to avoid the insurance strategy at all costs. The dealer will always have the advantage when you are playing an insurance strategy. If you do happen to “win”, it will only be a tie meaning that you will just receive the money you put in.

2. Pay Attention to the Dealer

The next tip that you should follow is always to pay attention to the dealer’s hand. You will only see the up card, but this can make the difference. If it is low, consider going for a hit, for instance.

3. Avoid the Seat in First Base

The first base seat is the worst seat to sit in for a round of Blackjack. In this seat, you have to be the first to make a decision and can be the first to bust. If you are further down the table, you can review others’ decisions and your own hands.

4. Start with Small Bets

You should always try to start betting small. This will give you a feel for the dealer and for the others at your table.

5. Ignore the Other Players

The other players may try to talk to you and strategize against you. Ignore their statements and focus on the dealer. That is ultimately who you want to win against when playing the game of Blackjack. Often, those who are experts in the game are those who try to make you lose.

6. Stop When Warranted

Finally, you should know your limits of how much you can feasibly bet. If you continue losing while placing bets, you are going to lose out on so much of your money. Do not blow your cash for low amounts of money or free deals.

Final Thoughts

Blackjack is an easy game to learn that takes strategy to play correctly. Use this guide above to help you the next time you show up to a Blackjack table in order to come out on top.

What to Know Before Joining a Casino Poker Table

Playing Poker - What to Know Before Joining a Casino Poker Table

The Seven Things You Never Do A Casino Poker Table and So Much More

Joining a poker table is not as easy as you might think. There are specific dos and don’ts that you need to abide by. Below we will take a look at eight of those rules you should pay attention to(because some of them are geared towards social protocols and behavior in a public place, even if online).

1) There is nothing more obnoxious and gross than seeing someone eating while playing poker. Save this for your break. Most poker players act professionally, even if online. We know you want to have that cheeseburger and fries, but eating while playing poker is not attractive. You will get the cards messy. You will also get soured looks from the other players. We know that this might sound a little too simple and weird, but you do need to pay attention to social niceties. We like to call it, having good manners.

2) Please try to avoid the autopilot mentality. Sometimes this happens when you are consistently trying to pay attention to making the right choices. Yes, you do need to make consistent and constant good choices, but you also need to refrain from acting like a “robot”. Some of the other players might find that a bit alarming because of the next tip.

3) You cannot be anti-social. There is a common misconception that online players are there to watch and listen to the game while clicking buttons(nothing more). The same can also be said for those playing at a live casino Poker table. On the one hand, you do not want to be too talkative, to the point where you bother the other players. On the other hand, you do not want to appear turned off to the idea of talking altogether. The bottom line is, you are not there to make friends. However, you do not want to be standoffish. You will have the other players saying “hi” and asking how you are. Please do not snub them. That could cause some other tensions while playing. Those of you who are not social people need to stick to the online version or not play at all. You will have people talking and not in a good way.

postpage image 7 Common Color Combinations of Casino Chips and Their Meanings to Casino Gaming Predominantly Green Chip - What to Know Before Joining a Casino Poker Table

4) This next tip concerns your interaction with the dealers(whether online or at a land-based poker table). You never become rude to the dealers. Those of you who play Poker tables enough, you are going to run into some of the same dealers(most likely). The last thing you want is to run into a dealer that you left a bad impression on. You do not want to go around “burning the bridges”. That can lead to some pretty nasty results. Some dealers might refuse to deal with you if you do that(which they have every right to do).

5) Please try not to play beyond what you can afford. Sometimes players get caught up in the “heat of the moment”. The overall goal is to play only what you can afford. Some players drink a little too much and think they can just “do it”. We have all been there in our own ways before. The bottom line is to try to not play beyond your means. Sometimes mistakes happen. Now, what you can do is take some chances, when the opportunity presents itself. This is especially true when there is a larger bankroll and you have a better edge. That is short-term thinking though. It is not best to use that strategy for long-term goals.

6) Some players like to get cocky once they have won a few hands. Now, this might work for you in the beginning. However, you need to check your ego and cockiness at the door in the general sense. Do you like it when other players get cocky? No, you do not. We have heard some of the names and terms you have come up with for some of those people. The last thing you want is to become a hypocrite. You need a certain level of humility. Besides, those who fail to check their ego at the door do not last long(generally). You could come around to eat your own words and behavior later. Karma will get you. Play well and behave accordingly.

7) What about bluffing? It all depends on you and the situation. Some players are very good at bluffing. They can do it multiple times in a row and get away with it. That is reserved for the very skilled casino Poker table player. That means if you have no clue how to bluff, then you should leave it for the more experienced poker player. You will end up looking foolish and lose. Learn how to bluff first if you want to attempt it. Bluffing is not about luck. Bluffing requires great skill if you want to have success. You really have to know what you are doing.

One Final Tip Always, and we mean always, call out what you are going to do. Keeping some of the mystery is important with Poker, but not telling the others what you plan on doing is idiotic. Say “call” if you are going to “call”. Make sure every action you do is what you want. There is no way to take something back once the ball starts rolling. There are no do-overs in Poker.

Popular Games the use Casino Chips

tablegameswithchips - Popular Games the use Casino Chips

Most casino games use chips as a form of currency and are commonly known as tokens. The application of chips is used for both online and land-based casinos. Casino chips are deemed advantageous for both players and the operator in various ways. One of its advantages is usually related to countability. They have a uniform weight, which makes them easily countable for both parties. Regarding benefits to casino operators, the chips constitute better security are easy to track insofar as winnings are concerned. Each casino operator has unique chips that enable them to prevent fraudsters from sneaking with other chips from elsewhere. They are also secured through technologies such as UV marking and RFID features, which protect them against fraud. Casino chips are usually utilized in games such as poker, Roulette, Blackjack, and craps.

Poker Chips

These chips are as old as the poker game itself. Before poker chips were introduced, players would use anything which caused disputes on the tables. There was an urgent need for a standard currency. Hence chips were introduced. Initially, poker chips were made of 100% clay. It was later found out that they were weak, which necessitated a change. Later, in the 1950s, the clay chips were altered by adding other materials to make them affordable and increase their durability. One conspicuous element of the chips is the edge spots, which are not paintings, as some may perceive. They have punched out parts that are usually replaced by the clay of desirable colors; they are then molded and compressed to get the final product. Poker chips exist for use in casino facilities and at home. The two types of poker chips vary based on their weight and make. Casino facilities use composite chips described earlier, and their weight ranges between eight and eleven grams. The two types of chips also vary in cost as those used in public casinos are deemed expensive than home-based chips. Concerning the aspect of making, home-based poker chips are made of plastic and a metal disc in the middle to add their weight. They are available in various types, which gives customers options based on their taste and cost. Home poker chips are available in sets of 200, 300, and 500. The home chips may seem trivial, but they are essential for training before committing to playing in casinos where massive financial repercussions are involved.

Roulette Chips

Contrary to poker chips, roulette chips are unique in the sense that each player is provided with differing chips, which enables the dealer to track which chip belongs to who. In most cases, the differentiator is color; in that case, players cannot share chips, even in husband and wife gamblers. When exchanging money with chips in a roulette game, a player can designate domination for each chip. After designation, the dealer places a chip on a rail near the wheel then marks it to indicate the chip’s value for that particular session. The dealer has to mark the chips this way because players are likely to vary in denomination designation. it is worth noting that roulette chips consist of no value apart from those they acquire from that assigned tentatively on the wheel. Unlike in poker where chips are acceptable in the cashier’s cage, roulette chips are different. After playing and when one is ready to leave, they are supposed to place all the remaining chips on the layout and request the dealer to exchange for cash upon which the dealer trades them for equivalence of regular chips. Roulette gamblers are usually granted significant time to place their bets, which is done by placing the chips on the layout before the dealer starts the spin. Once a spin has been initiated, players may continue gambling until the ball is almost coming out of the track atop the wheel down the numbered slots. At that point, the dealer calls off betting for the session, after which the ball bounces around then comes to a halt in a particular slot. Thereafter, the dealer is obliged to place a mark on either the layout or atop of any chip comprising of the corresponding number. The dealer then clears all losing bets and pays the winning bets, those with a winning number. He lifts the marker away from the layout to indicate the end of a bet session, and another session may commence afterward.

chips and cards - Popular Games the use Casino Chips

Blackjack Chips

Blackjack chips are essential in the sense that one may not endeavor to gamble on the blackjack table without them. Before the game begins, one is supposed to exchange money for the chips. Gamblers need to understand the intricacies of exchanging money with chips because it is an important aspect, without which the dealer may never capture one’s attention. Blackjack attracts many gamblers compared to a game such as roulette, which contrives the gambler to work harder insofar as capturing the dealer’s attention is concerned. To effectively capture the dealer’s attention, one should place their money in front of the betting circle and sit close to the dealer. One may specify the chip denomination of their choice failure to which the dealer will use them an assortment. On receiving the chips, players need to ascertain denomination based on color, even though some have standardized values. Blackjack chips are imbued with flexibility because a gambler can switch to a lower or higher denomination through the same process as buying in. Unlike roulette chips, where dealers are responsible for cashing out, blackjack chips can only be dealt with by a casino cashier (cage). Betting in blackjack entails placing chips of the appropriate denomination in the betting circle in front of them. The dealer then gives the player a couple of cards he takes back alongside the chips in case of a loss. In case one wins, the dealer does not interfere with the chips and pays forthwith.

Craps Chips

Chips are used in the craps table in place of money. Chips are usually placed against one long side of the table bank, which holds up to 2000 chips in stacks of 20. The top of the craps table comprises edges with horizontal grooves where players may bank their standby chips. Each craps table is usually controlled by at-most four employees, including a boxman, the only seated individual who manages the chips and issues related to their coloring and retention of their associated dominations. Chips are used by players in their selection of various options by placing them on the marked sections of the table layout. If a player is playing the don’t pass option, they may lay odds by placing the chips behind the don’t pass line. Some betting options, however, require that a dealer moves one’s chips. It is worth noting that each section of the table represents a different bet. Thus, chips that are on the pass line signify a multi-roll wager, while those that are in the boxes with image displays of dices indicating a six and a five represents a one-roll bet on 11. Online casinos vary from land-based ones in the sense that chips can be carried forward in online platforms and used in the next game. Gamblers with a credit account with the casino may also receive chips after cashing a credit marker.

Where The Casino Chip Has Been and Where The Chip Is Going

pokerchipscards - Where The Casino Chip Has Been and Where The Chip Is Going

It is so hard to believe there was a time during games like poker, chips were not used like they are now. It would probably almost look alien to us now. When people sat around tables at bars or saloons, they would use whatever items they had that were of value. These things would be anything from high-end wood, and ivory, to obscure things like gold dust.

But this was not always fair use, because they could always be stolen or get lost in the middle of fights. Or with the side of someone with crafty hands. So the owners of the bars and saloons started creating a system of chips made of lower end wood or even of clay. Then to keep the fighting down, the establishment would hold onto the valuable items, and at the end of the evening, each person at the poker table would turn in their chips for what the establishment had of equal value.

Of course, when the saloons and bars started using chips, to represent monetary value, there is always someone else out there trying to get one up and take more than what they put in. People would try to make counterfeit versions of the chips and try to cash in on them. So when the establishments would catch wind of the illegal doings the bars and saloons would put special marks on their chips so to lessen the chance of that happening.

So when they got smarter at protecting their assets, criminals would always try to be smarter than the establishments. If they can’t make an accurate counter fits of the tokens, then lest just steal them. Sometimes criminals would try to either break-in after they were closed and take the chips, or while in broad daylight take a bunch of the chips.

If the places could figure out which of the majority of their chips that were taken, they would quickly go out and change the design of their chips so that when the robbers came back, the chips would be only as valuable as the material they were printed on, instead of their face value. If you haven’t heard it before now, the house always wins.

As casinos change so does the technology they have at their disposal. They were sure to jump on the wagon when security cameras became available. So when chips became small enough to be slipped into a casino chip, pretty much giving the owner of the casino a life history of the chip, they used those too. With that kind of information that can be held on a chip like that, it seems almost impossible for the chips to be stolen.

postpage image 2 Lessons from The Colors of Casino Chips About the Video Game Industry Colors evoke emotion - Where The Casino Chip Has Been and Where The Chip Is Going

A would-be robber would try to slip into a casino and take the chips, thinking he could just take them, hold onto the chips, and cash them in at a later date. But when a robber takes those chips, the company takes all their chips and runs them through a scanner, so they know which chips were taken. The stolen chips don’t change at all, so the robber would come back, thinking he pulled a fast one, would just have a pocket full of clay on him. They never know, maybe the guy at the next window cashing out his chips is an undercover cop. With technology making all their advances smaller and smaller. Who knows what kind of information those little chips could share with the owner of the casino.

Not only do chips help the casino keep track of the value of what the customer is owed, they make it easier for the owners to keep their employees safe as well. We all have heard of some of the germs and other substances found on money. Well with that kind of thing being traded around at a casino, an employee could very easily become sick or get something worse than the flu. So by converting in house currency to chips, they can help keep things safer for the employees. The chips could very easily be sent through a variety of machines to help sanitize them, so the spread of germs is greatly reduced.

Depending on where you go to gamble, most of those places have records that gambling is the biggest form of income at these locations. So even though criminals try to pull fast ones on the owners, thinking they can make a quick buck at someone else’s expense, the house always wins. When the house always wins, they are always trying to find the next way to keep their money, and employees safe. We can always hope that someday robbers will wise up and stop trying to cheat the system. But what are the chances of that happening?